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I'm Morgan, the founder and lead photographer at Urban Love Tree.


My love for photography stemmed from childhood, where at the tender age of 5, I was given my first Polaroid camera. From there I became the photographic historian for my family, and that passion through time translated into me being the photographer I am today. 


Every session and event, I strive to capture the connection between people and the details that make the moments happen. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a storyteller with my camera. My goal is to artistically capture images that evoke emotion and empower my subjects. Portraits that you and those you love will cherish for many years to come.


Fun facts:

  • Lefty

  • My clients become my friends 

  • Cat Person (I won't apologize)

  • Freestyle ability is fire

  • Married to Pierre 








I'm Pierre, Morgan's husband at work and home. My goal in this business is to support and empower my wife, she is the brains and the workhorse behind this operation. Her passion for photography and her love for the clients she photographs inspired me to bring my creative talents, and knack for organization to the company. My favorite style of photography is photojournalistic. I love capturing moments as they organically happen.   


Fun facts:

  • Can Fall asleep in 10 seconds or less (#staywoke)  

  • Go-to dance move: Moonwalk

  • I Love Filmmaking 

  • Alabama Born, but Htown has my heart. 




Our Seed

He is love personified. 

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